Rebecca A. Zeier
Certified CPR Instructor

In the summer of 1996, I took the required health course for my high school during the summer school session.  At the end of the course we learned the techniques of CPR but were told that we didn't have time to be certified.  This statement bothered me and at the age of 16, I had a strong desire to become certified.  When the school year came, I learned that my P.E. teacher was also a health teacher and taught a health class during my lunch hour.  I approached her about it and for two weeks, I skipped out of lunch during school and got trained to perform CPR for infants, children, and adults.  One week later, I was informed that I was nominated to become a certified CPR instructor to help out the teachers certify other students.  I took the course and since the fall of 1996, I have continuoulsy renewed my certification.

Since being certified, I have performed the heimlich maneuver on 2 infants, 7 children, and 3 adults; I have performed rescue breathing to 1 person; and I have pulled over for two accidents to assist in first aid until the parametics arrived.  I do not post these facts to brag or to get praise, rather I post these facts to show that it only takes one person to begin to make a difference.

Statistically it has been shown that the number one result of death per year is not due to heart trouble or cancer, but because of accidents ... accidents that could have been prevented or accidents where if just ONE person knew what to do, the result could have been radically different.

I strongly believe that everyone should become certified in the basic techniques of a heart saver.  Perhaps it is because you have children, work with children, or like to be around children.  Perhaps it's because you work with different people and you just never know.  Perhaps someone has been bugging you to get certified.  For me, it was an inner desire to do what I was told I couldn't do ... and I wanted to help other people.  No matter the reason, being certified in CPR saves lives!

I am a certified CPR instructor who has certified over 500 people in the basic life saving skills, and I'm always ready to certify more.  For more information about the classes I can provide, please send me an email.

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