Lesson Plans
Here are a few lesson plans I've written for the mathematics classroom.  Feel free to use whatever you like!
(last updated: 1 - 13 - 03)

     Using Cooperative Learning:

  Construction of Pythagorus' 5 regular Polyhedra and Discovering Euler's Formula

     Using Technolgy:

  Discovering properties of Parallelograms using Geometer's Sketchpad

  Exporing the equations of parabolas using TI-86 graphing calculators

     Using Multiple Intellegences:

  Prime Numbers
- visual representation of prime factorization
- algebraic notation for prime factorization
- musical representation of the irregularities of prime numbers

     Unit Lesson Plans:

  Unit Lesson plan on properties and area of quadrilaterals

  Unit Lesson plan on Conic Sections 

 History Of Mathematics:

 History of Pi

 History of Topology